Genuine Leadership with Alan Sloan

A Six-Week Leadership Development Webinar Series

An in-depth exploration of key practices of authentic leadership with six one-hour interactive presentations focusing on:

  • Change Management – working effectively with uncertainty, complexity and negativity
  • Clear Seeing – Going beyond cynicism, fear and defensiveness that cloud our judgment
  • Real Communication – the art of listening, reflection, collaboration and partnership
  • Sustaining Awareness – developing self-awareness and integrating mindfulness into our daily lives
  • Joining Vision and Practicality – bringing out the best in ourselves and others – inspiring innovation and creative problem-solving

Following is a brief summary of each of the six presentations:

Session One: Who We Really Are

  • Recognizing our inherent strengths – these strengths manifest in every aspect of life and in every situation, and are the basis for genuine confidence
  • Mindfulness – the practice of being present, non-judgmental, open, inquisitive and stable
  • Accessing our inherent capacities – for creativity, flexibility and insight

Session Two: Who We Are Not

  • The perception of inadequacy – self-limiting ways of perceiving ourselves and others, habits that narrow our perceptions and obstruct our connections to authenticity and creativity
  • Openness – using the emotional and psychological tightness of our habits to remind us to start fresh; the practice of mindfulness-in-action
  • Inquisitiveness – being willing to see things clearly while inviting infinite possibilities

Session Three: Uncertainty and Change

  • Acknowledging uncertainty and change – the certain knowledge that life is uncertain can become a source of insight and flexibility, rather than a source of fear and holding on
  • “Riding the mind”– genuine leadership encourages us to work effectively with irritability, shyness, hesitation and anxiety, overcoming our habitual reactions to change
  • Relaxation as practice – cultivating spacious and genuine relationships, especially with those situations and people that challenge us the most

Session Four: Seeing Clearly

  • Transparency – seeing through our internal narratives, the story-lines that create unnecessary drama, polarity and conflict
  • Genuine humour – transcending cynicism and wishful-thinking, appreciating the ironical and often paradoxical aspects within relationships and systems
  • Cultivating balance – mindfulness-in-action and developing a “light touch” – not over or under reacting to ourselves or to situations

Session Five: Joining Vision and Practicality

  • Synchronizing – connecting vision, power and practicality to compassion in order to accomplish our goals with integrity
  • Natural joy – an open and wakeful state of mind, heart and body naturally arises when we are no longer at the mercy of our own or other people’s confusion
  • Appreciating everyday life – ordinariness is the saving grace, not having to pump ourselves up or project false modesty; appreciating life as it is, finding meaning within everyday experiences

Session Six: Authentic Confidence

Authentic Confidence Practice is a powerful and effective approach to deal with self-consciousness, arrogance, fear or uncertainty.


All participants have access to the webinar video recordings made available via streaming video shortly after each live session is concluded. A detailed Study Guide is also sent to each participant.

Alan Sloan offered this webinar in the fall of 2014 and the spring of 2015. If you are interested in participating in the next series (fall 2015), please let him know by filling out the contact form:  Contact




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  1. Where can I register ? and how much the cost of it ?

  2. Hi Riani. I have no plans to offer webinars in the near future. Thank you for asking.

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