Following is a partial list of workshops, retreats, webinars and programs led, co-led or facilitated by Alan Sloan, many with a focus on authentic leadership:

Warriors for the Human Spirit with Margaret Wheatley
Venue:  Zion National Park, Springdale, Utah, U.S.A. – May 12 through May 18, 2016
This five-day intensive training program was the second in a series of three trainings for 25 leaders from Canada, the United States, Europe and New Zealand. The program was developed, hosted and led by Margaret Wheatley, Ph.D., renowned author, activist and thought-leader in organizational development, change management and authentic leadership. As faculty member, Alan led daily sessions on working with difficult emotions, uncertainty, complexity and change.

Nova Scotia Government Employees Disability Network Planning Day
Venue:  Nova Scotia Public Archives, Halifax, Nova Scotia – October 20, 2015
The first planning event for the newly formed Nova Scotia Government Employees Disability Network; services included design, facilitation, documentation and summary report.

Genuine Leadership I
Host: Alan Sloan Consulting and Facilitation – October 21 to November 25, 2014
Six-part webinar series for 23 individuals and two government agencies, focused on: Change Management, Clear Seeing, Real Communication, Sustaining Awareness and Joining Vision and Practicality.

ALIA Master Class Retreat
Host: ALIA Institute – May 12 – 17, 2014 – New Germany, Nova Scotia
Co-leading one-week residential program at Windhorse Farm focused on authentic leadership with participants from North America, Europe and New Zealand.

Master Class for Executive Coaches: Mindfulness and Authenticity
Host: International Coach Federation Latvia – April 14, 2014 – Riga, Latvia
Half-day program for executive coaches and corporate managers residing in Riga, Latvia.

Finding The Courage To Be Who We Are
Host: Domus Solus – April 10, 2014 – Vilnius, Lithuania
One-day public workshop on Authentic Leadership for private sector and non-profit leaders.

Mindfulness and Leadership Retreat
Hosts: Jagall Consulting and The Society for Organizational Learning Hungary – April 4 & 5, 2014 – Budapest, Hungary
Two-day residential retreat for corporate and non-profit leaders in Hungary.

Overcoming the Myth of Us and Them: Empowering Our Organization Through Genuine Dialogue
Host: ALIA Institute for Growth Starts Here Shelburne – March 29, 2014 – Shelburne, Nova Scotia
One-day program via webinar for members of the Growth Starts Here initiative in Shelburne, focused on creating a collaborative environment for community development.

The Hospitality Advantage: Building Open, Inclusive and Welcoming Organizations
Host: Hostmanship Development Group – January 30, 2014 – Stockholm, Sweden
One-day master class with Jan Gunnarrson and Alan Sloan for individuals and teams working with Hostmanship in Sweden.

The Three Circles of Authenticity: Cultivating openness, courage and insight in uncertain times
Host: Hearthill Consulting – January 16 & 17, 2014 – Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Two-day residential retreat for corporate and non-profit leaders.

Pluk Innovatie Festival 2013
Host: Pluk Innovatie Festival 2013 – November 7, 2013 – Tilburg, The Netherlands
Presentation: A 3-hour workshop on Mindfulness and Authenticity.

Mindfulness and the Warrior Heart of Leadership Webinar Series II
Host: ALIA Institute, Halifax, Nova Scotia – October 9 and December 4, 2013
Two public webinar presentations on authentic leadership principles.

Nova Scotia Community College Facilities Planning Retreat
Host: NSCC Administration – July 8 – 9, 2013 – Halifax, Nova Scotia
Design and facilitation for a two-day team building and strategic planning retreat.

Gaelic Community Gatherings
Host: The Gaelic Council of Nova Scotia – April 2013
Co-design and co-facilitation for six community presentations focused on consultation and visioning for the Gaelic communities in Nova Scotia.

The Changing Nature of Non-Profits
Host: Tatamagouche Centre – February 26 – 27, 2013 – Tatmagouche, Nova Scotia
Two-day public residential leadership retreat introducing authentic leadership principles and practices to leaders of non-profit agencies in Nova Scotia and Ontario.

Resource Opportunities Centre Board Leadership Retreat
Host: Resource Opportunities Centre – February 25 & March 4, 2013
One and a half-day strategic planning and leadership program for the volunteer board overseeing the Prospect Road Community Centre.

ALIA Master Class Retreat
Host: ALIA Institute – December 10 – 15, 2012 – New Germany, Nova Scotia
Co-leading one-week residential program at Windhorse Farm focused on deepening the study and application of authentic leadership practices.

Gaelic Affairs Leadership Team Retreat
Host: Gaelic Affairs – Communities Culture and Heritage, Province of Nova Scotia – November 1 & 2, 2012 – Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia
Design, conduct interviews, facilitation and documentation of a two-day leadership and planning program for the staff of the Office of Gaelic Affairs.

Mindfulness and the Warrior Heart of Leadership Webinar Series I
Host: ALIA Institute, Halifax, Nova Scotia
September 18 & October 30, 2012
Two public webinar presentations on the principles and practice of authentic leadership.

Mindfulness as a Leadership Practice
Host: ALIA Institute – September 22, 2012 – Toronto, Ontario
A one-day public workshop.

Stena Sphere Forum
Host: Stena AB – September 21, 2013 – Aberdeen, Scotland
Caring Leadership – The Journey of Authenticity – Opening presentation to Stena AB annual leadership forum introducing self-care for leaders and the principles of authentic leadership. Approximately 180 participants.

Nova Scotia Community College Advancement Leadership Retreat
Host: NSCC Advancement – May 31 & June 1, 2012 – Halifax, Nova Scotia
Design, interviews and facilitation for a two-day team building and planning retreat.

Web Discovery Workshop for Nova Scotia Community College
Host: NSCC Advancement – May 15, 2012 – Halifax, Nova Scotia
Design, facilitation and documentation for a one-half day gathering of leadership and staff looking to develop and improve web access at NSCC.

Nova Scotia Community College 5-Year Strategic Planning Process
Host: NSCC President’s Office – December 2011 to June 2012 – Halifax, Nova Scotia
Research, co-writing and co-facilitation in support of a seven-month planning, consultation and documentation process for the Nova Scotia Community College administration and its 13 campuses.

Board of Governors of the Gaelic College – Strategic Planning Session
Host: The Gaelic College – January 14, 2012 – St. Ann’s Bay, Nova Scotia
Design, facilitation and documentation of one-day planning event focused on the future development of the Gaelic College.

Nova Scotia Community College Executive Team
Host: Nova Scotia Community College – 13 December 2011 & 3 January 2012 – Halifax, Nova Scotia
A one-day design session focused on creating a NSCC Learning Map.

Hostmanship Development Group
Host: Hostmanship Development Group – January 2011 – Stockholm, Sweden
A one-day seminar on mindfulness and authenticity for leadership and staff from Europe and Uganda.

Fully at the Table: Bringing New Life to Physician Leadership 2009, 2010 and 2011
Host: Dr. Joseph Litven: December 16, 2009 – Halifax (For IWK/Capital Health); December 8, 2010 – Halifax (For IWK/Capital Health); March 4, 2011 – Dartmouth (For Doctor’s Nova Scotia); May 12, 2012 – Dartmouth (For Doctor’s Nova Scotia)
Session: Reflection and Decision-Making – Design, facilitation and training of a two to three hour workshop for twenty-five to thirty physicians in team leadership positions.

Pathways for Authentic Leadership in Action
Host: ALIA Institute – June 2010 – February 2011 – Halifax and New Germany, Nova Scotia
Co-design, co-facilitation and training for a nine-month certificate course hosted by ALIA Institute. It offered an experiential and transformational curriculum, combining personal and interpersonal learning with a broad palette of skills needed to create the conditions for systemic innovation.

Property Valuation Services Corporation
Host: Property Valuation Services Corporation – April 21 – 22, 2010 – Oceanstone, Halifax County, Nova Scotia
Leadership Retreat: Transformational Leadership – A two day event for approximately 20 senior and middle managers.

Using Community Economic Development Investment Funds for Renewable Energy in Nova Scotia
Host: NS Department of Energy – February 3, 2010 – World Trade and Convention Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Facilitation for this workshop focused on the financing of community-led, small renewable energy projects.

Think Tank 2009
Host: the Geriatric Medicine Research Unit – November 27, 2009 – Halifax, Nova Scotia
Facilitation for a one-day workshop for 60 participants, representing a broad cross-section of groups and professions involved with care for dementia patients.

The Power of Reflection for People in Action
Host: Inclusion Press – October 5, 2009 – Toronto, Ontario
Teacher and trainer: The workshop consisted of four talks focused on self-care for caregivers. The topics included instructions in mindfulness practice, and the cultivation of gentleness, fearlessness and intelligence. The talks were video taped are available in the DVD: Gentle Heart – Fearless Mind, published by Inclusion Press

Asset-Based Community Development Workshop
Host: Three communities in Albert County, New Brunswick – September 22 & 23, 2009
Co-facilitator with Mike Green, ABCD Training and Organizing, Denver, Colorado, USA. In this two-day workshop, Mike Green presented an overview of the principles of Asset-Based Community Development, focused on identifying the strengths and gifts of the participants and their communities. Alan Sloan facilitated a day of community-led, long-term planning utilizing Appreciative Inquiry and deep listening (mindfulness).

Authentic Leadership in Action Institute Summer Program
Host: ALIA Institute – June 21–26, 2009 – Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Faculty member: Presented teachings on mindfulness and authentic leadership to faculty, staff and participants (approximately 220 people).

Toronto Summer Institute
Host: Inclusion Press – July 2008, 2009 at Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Faculty member: Presented teachings on authentic leadership and mindfulness training to 150 participants – primarily caregivers and service providers for the disabled, from Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Nova Scotia Community College Academic Services Leadership Retreat
Host: Nova Scotia Community College – May 19 to 21, 2009 – Halifax, Nova Scotia
Designed and facilitated a three-day retreat for the leadership of the NSCC Academic Services portfolio. The design incorporated Appreciative Inquiry, World Café and other collaborative methodologies. The focus of the retreat was on further strengthening communication within and outside of the department.

Collaborative Strategies in Community Development
Host: Nova Scotia Economic and Rural Development – January 2008 to March 2009
In partnership with two other consultants, co-designed and developed a training program for all departments and levels within the provincial government, focused on increasing the awareness and use of the Community Development Policy and Lens. Following the development stage, the team was hired to lead and facilitate these training workshops throughout the province, including Halifax, St. Anne’s Bay, Antigonish, St. Peter’s, Truro, Kentville, Yarmouth, and Bridgewater. Participation in each of the workshops numbered 35 – 50 public servants and community representatives.

Ceilidh House Meeting Two
Host: Office of Gaelic Affairs – January 31 to February 1, 2009 – St. Ann’s Gaelic College, St. Ann’s Bay, Nova Scotia
With the community, co-designed and co–facilitated this two–day workshop which brought Gaelic instructors and learners together to advance Gàidhlig aig Baile, Nova Scotia’s own community–based Gaelic language learning system.

Ceilidh House Meeting One
Host: Office of Gaelic Affairs and NS Economic and Rural Development – November 21, 2008 – St. Peters, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia
As a member of a team of three consultants, designed and co–facilitated a one–day workshop for the Gaelic community in Nova Scotia. The workshop focused on the foundational strength of the community, and how it can sustain itself in uncertain times. Ceilidh House Meeting One was a workshop contained within a traditional céilidh format. The program explored the topic of how culture and community are mutually needed to sustain each other.

Shambhala Institute for Authentic Leadership Summer Program
Host: Shambhala Institute – June 22–28, 2008 – Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Executive coach for four participants from the African–Nova Scotian Community, sponsored by NS Economic and Rural Development. This five–day program offered leadership training in the most current and insightful organizational development methodologies and approaches.

Tripartite Forum Annual General Assembly
Contractor: NS Economic and Rural Developlment – June 12 & 13, 2008 – Bear River and Digby, Nova Scotia
One of a team of three consultants hired to design and facilitate a two–day meeting of the Nova Scotia Tripartite Forum, with representatives from Mi’kmaq leadership, provincial and federal governments.

Creative Institute for Toronto’s Young Leaders
Host: The United Way of Toronto in partnership with the Shambhala Institute for Authentic Leadership – September 11 & 12, 2008 – Toronto, Ontario
Co-facilitator and trainer for approximately 25 young adults, introducing collaborative methodologies, Asset–Based Community Development and mindfulness–awareness techniques.

The Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations
Host: The Shire, Carleton, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia – July 4 to 6, 2007
Faculty member and facilitator: Presented mindfulness–awareness training to approximately sixty participants and staff at The Shire Conference facility. The Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations trains individuals and organizations in collaborative methodologies, including World Café, Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, and Talking Circle.

The Shambhala Institute for Authentic Leadership Summer Program
Host: The Office of Gaelic Affairs – June 21 to 30, 2007 – Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Coach for “Na Gasan” (Gaelic: the stem), six youths from the Gaelic community in Cape Breton attending the Institute through scholarships from NS Economic Development. Four sessions focused on assisting the participants to integrate the skills and approaches taught at the Institute and within their leadership modules into their personal, work and community lives.

* * *

An Emphasis on Sustainability

As the first executive director of the Western Valley Development Authority in the mid–1990’s, I took a holistic and innovative approach to Community Economic Development and strategic planning that included social, environmental, economic and cultural factors. That approach was in alignment with the Province of Nova Scotia’s focus on “Sustainable Prosperity.”

At the core of my work as a community development consultant and leadership coach is a focus on sustainability as the primary outcome for all projects and initiatives. This focus may be for a specific project undertaken by a client community or organization, or by an executive wishing to broaden and deepen leadership skills and tools. Self-organization, collaboration and self-empowerment are intrinsic to the approaches I take as a facilitator, trainer and consultant.

In my past consulting work with the Department of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism, my colleagues and I focused on promoting awareness of the Community Economic Development Policy, and its four pillars of sustainable development – economic, social, cultural and environmental factors (based upon the Sustainable Prosperity initiative). Collaborative Strategies in Community Development was a series of workshops held throughout the province for public servants from diverse departments, offices and areas of specialization. Both the pilot programs and subsequent workshops were very successful. The provincial government has continued to use this very effective collaborative approach as a model for promoting meaningful dialogue leading to sustainable community development.

I have also facilitated a consultation session for the NS Department of Energy on funding sustainable, community-based renewable energy projects in the province. Stakeholders from the private sector and from various government departments attended, hosted by the Acting Deputy Minister for the Department of Energy. The session included an examination of the Community Economic Development Investment Funds, their history, application, limitations and success. The session also looked at alternative forms of financing sustainable energy projects.

My executive coaching clients are encouraged to look at their organizations and the roles within them from a broader, appreciative perspective, building on the strengths and gifts of each employee and team. I believe that sustainability is only possible through an increased awareness of and appreciation for the interrelationship between our social, cultural, natural and economic environments. Increasing awareness has become a necessity for the future sustainability of organizations, communities, our province and country. Promoting this perspective is at the heart of my work.

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