ALIA dvd front cover1Mindfulness and Authenticity:  Foundations for Leadership

An ongoing mindfulness practice cultivates authenticity, courage, and clear-seeing. It counters the tendency to freeze situations and fall back on reactive habits – a tendency that is especially strong in times of stress and uncertainty. Mindfulness turns the challenges of leadership into opportunities for professional growth.

In this video presentation, ALIA Institute faculty Alan Sloan introduces an approach to mindfulness that comes from the Shambhala meditation tradtition. In addition to guided mindfulness practice instructions, topics include:

  • Authentic Leadership and letting go of pretence
  • Appreciating Uncertainty
  • The importance of self-care and finding balance
  • Leadership as an expression of unconditonal confidence
  • Bringing mindfulness and awareness to the workplace

The 63 minute streaming video is available for free. To view, please click on the “play” button below.




Gentle Heart Fearless Mind:  Discovering Confidence, Compassion and Well-Being Through the Practice of Mindfulness

In this DVD workshop presentation, Alan presents personal and practical teachings on mindfulness for a diverse audience. Anyone interested in developing a greater appreciation for life’s joys and challenges will enjoy these talks on basic human goodness, confidence, compassion, and humour. The DVD is ideal for individual or group practice, either at home or work.

Following are excerpts from the DVD. The first is an introduction to mindfulness practice. The second, a short presentation on unconditional human goodness.


The DVD, Gentle Heart Fearless Mind, is available through Inclusion Press. To purchase, please follow this link: Inclusion Press


The following six videos are from the Mindful Wednesdays series. Please view these in sequence, starting with #1 at the bottom of this webpage. 


  • Mindful Wednesdays #6: Intelligence

    Mindful Wednesdays #6:  Intelligence
    This is the video recording of the sixth and final session of the first series of Mindful Wednesdays with Alan Sloan. In this video, Alan discusses the relationship of gentleness and fearlessness with the inherent intelligence of basic human goodness. Intelligence in this context is the capacity of mind to know itself. It is the fundamental wisdom of being human, that sees clearly and acts skillfully. It is intrinsic awareness that is free from egotism.
  • Mindful Wednesdays #5: Fearlessness

    Mindful Wednesdays #5:  Fearlessness
    Session #5 of Mindful Wednesdays with Alan Sloan focuses on the relationship of gentleness to fearlessness in mindfulness practice and in mindfulness-in-action. Gentleness is basic tenderness and vulnerability, while fearlessness is the willingness to lean into the sharp edges of our challenging experiences, to make a direct relationship to fear and doubt, rather than avoid whatever we think of as unpleasant or embarrassing within us.
  • Mindful Wednesdays #4: The Power of Gentleness

    Mindful Wednesdays #4:  The Power of Gentleness
    A video recording of Alan Sloan's presentation on "The Power of Gentleness" - one of three essential qualities of mindfulness practice.
  • Mindful Wednesdays #3: The Three Qualities of Basic Goodness

    Mindful Wednesdays #3:  The Three Qualities of Basic Goodness
    This video recording is the third in a series of weekly presentations by Alan Sloan on mindfulness and authenticity. The topics explored include the three qualities of basic human goodness: gentleness, fearlessness and intelligence.
  • Mindful Wednesdays #2: Working with Distraction

    Mindful Wednesdays #2:  Working with Distraction
    This is the second session of the Mindful Wednesdays series with Alan Sloan. Topics covered include working with distraction.
  • Mindful Wednesdays #1: An Introduction to Mindfulness

    Mindful Wednesdays #1:  An Introduction to Mindfulness
    Mindful Wednesdays are a free, weekly 1-hour session that includes 15 minutes of guided mindfulness practice, a short presentation on integrating mindfulness into our everyday lives, and a half hour of open discussion. This first session focuses on three key elements of an effective mindfulness practice. To subscribe to the live sessions, go to:
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